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Ace: A-Online Ace in the hole

Using the latest technologies in software development, A-Online is proud to present ACE – the most advanced product in the Israel market for displaying stock market real-time data, analyzing market behaviors and exceptional tailoring abilities to the user needs. Based on the latest technology in software development, ACE leads the way for brokers, analysts and professional traders in Israel. Utilizing dual screens, ACE laying the full market picture in front of the trader, including:

• Graphic tools for technical analysis of historical assets behavior and day trading.
• Linkage between displayed tables and detailed forms allow the user to review assets sectorial behavior compared side by side with in-depth single asset.
• Excel internal support allows quickly and easily builds of ad-hoc complicated calculations which can be integrated as fields in ACE tables and forms!
• RSS and Internet Browsing Internal support allow access to worldwide wealth of information and seamless integration of web data into ACE tables and forms.
• Comprehensive bonds data includes historical yields and yield curves.
• Flexible chart plotting allows graphical displaying of fields. As an example, this power feature allows display for the market index expectations, TA25 index chart display with indication of the price raise or decrease of the assets composing the index, and much more.
• Extensive tabulated user interface allows saving of tables and forms layout, and quick switch between those layouts.
• Reach tables features include summery for each column, displaying of leading assets, easy format of values, and more.
• Flexible Ticker allows unlimited selections of indices and assets, wide selection of formats and coloring themes, and unlimited window positioning.
• Integrated support for user-fields allows user’s input into the user-fields. Input that is stored and can be displayed back to the user in tables and forms.