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Jack: A-Online prince charm

Stock market information and on-line trading, both in A-Online JACK. Internet based software that does not require any installation, just brows to Jack web site and start working:

- Integrated market information with on-line trading. - No installation required.
- Works on desktops, laptops and tablets with same look and feel.
- Tables and forms layout and preference are kept when changing work station or device.
- Quick and agile as professional full blown software.
- Presets of tables (Maof, Bonds, etc’) with unlimited customization by the end user – including the ability to change the displayed fields, and holdings views.
- Tabulated user interface for flexible layouts and quick switching between display layouts.
- Tables can display presets or user-define compositions of assets.
- Available information covers all A-Online’s Megama fields and assets, including yield calculators, derivatives and warrants.
- Derivative and trading simulators.
- Daily and historical charts, supporting advanced tools for technical analysis.
- Quick trading orders posting. Orders can be post via forms, tables and by clicking on a chart.
- Advanced trading orders.
- Details about posted and standing orders.
- Flexible, user-defined color schemes.
- Ticker supports both pre-defined and user-defined sets, color and screen position.
- Foreign indices, contracts and currencies.