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Megama : Direct savings in time and money with A-Online’s flagship product

The Megama system provides decision-support tools, together with great flexibility in information presentation. Megama offers easy access to continuous real-time information on trading in the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, data on Israeli mutual funds, share data of Israeli companies traded on the New York Stock Exchanges, foreign stock exchange indices, instruments of stock indices, exchange rates of foreign currencies in Israel and abroad, and interest rates. In addition to the latest trading figures, the system includes adapted historical financial information of stocks (updated daily), Israeli business news and a connection to the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange’s on-line company announcement system (MAYA).

Megama includes a basic module, which allows the display of historical graphs, as well as information about the principal shareholders in various companies.

The software also includes a module for calculating bond rates in real-time allowing the user to enter inflation forecasts and to display expected bond rates based on these forecasts.

These rates are updated automatically as bond prices change.

Megama is built as a platform to allow other applications to be added and leverage the

real-time information from the capital markets. Upon customer request, for an additional fee, the company integrates custom modules into the platform. Megama is currently also used by Israeli banks as the platform for stock rating and arbitrage systems.